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ASG Awards


HOA community manager.


  • If you are experiencing challenges in your community today or in your ongoing HOA management, call us so that we can provide assistance.
  • Our Executives have the highest credentials, have lectured pro-bono at the top business colleges, and bring decades of resort and association management experience to the table.

Our Association Management Services Include:

  • We offer experienced Community Association Managers to fit your Associations needs
  • Our proposals are customized to the needs and direction expressed by the Board of Directors.
  • Our Property Management Services include:
    1. Monthly Financials completed on time
    2. Collections division at no cost to the Association
    3. Weekly Board updates and Monthly Managers Reports
    4. Affiliated Consultants at no additional cost to the Association
    5. Requests for Proposal
    6. Cutting Edge Technology to include violations on the fly

Award Winning Company

  • Nominated three years in a row for the award of excellence in Fiscal Innovation and “Come-Back-Kid” award
  • #26 in the “Top 100 Gator Company.”
  • An Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC®)

As the Board of Directors or Developer, you are expected to lead the way through a recovering economy with increased demands. This means that you are not only expected to keep your association at an even keel, but you need to have forward thinking, and evolved association management professionals offering you advice and services from over thirty five years of experience in world class, diverse operations.


Our Vision

ASSOCIATION SPECIALTY GROUP is a People-first market leader with an innovative team of dedicated and experienced community association management professionals committed to Servant Leadership, thereby promoting and protecting the maximum value of client properties, their budgetary returns, and their residents’ quality of life.

Our Values

  • People First
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Optimal Client Value

Our Mission

Singularly client-focused provision of a full range of professional on-site community association and property portfolio management services that maximize client boards’ and owners’ peace of mind built on a solid Foundation of honest and open two-way communication, Expert advisory services, Proactive problem solving, Easy-to-use financial planning, management and reporting tools, ASG productivity and client budget enhancing partnerships with best-in-class third party vendors and suppliers, Effective best practices.


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