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For Boards of Directors


Training New Board Members

A condo or homeowner’s association is the cornerstone of a building community. The condo or HOA maintains order and continuity by preserving architectural integrity, maintaining the common elements, protecting property values, and often providing for…


December 29, 2016

It Takes a Village

People buy into condo and HOA communities for many different reasons – some enjoy the amenities offered, others like the vacation-style environment that doubles as a smart real estate investment. Community-living was once seen as…


June 16, 2016

When Temperatures Rise

Temperatures in Florida have a tendency to average above the 90s during the daytime in summer months causing discomfort and unease to residents. With humidity rivaling a Brazilian rainforest, summer in Florida can be reduced…


June 9, 2016

Clear Communication

The importance of transparent communication cannot be underscored in condo communities. Lack of clear, forthright communication between boards, managers and unit owners is one of the top perennial complaints association members have about living in…


June 2, 2016

Smart Building Technology

With the impressive array of consumer technology available today, it should come to no surprise that buildings are jumping on the trend. New technology is quickly becoming a staple in building operations than ever before,…


May 24, 2016

How to Collect Delinquent HOA Fees

Dealing with delinquent homeowners is an unfortunate reality for the majority of HOA boards. With tight budgets, payment defaults can be costly.  Collecting delinquent HOA fees is one of the most common problems faced by…


May 19, 2016

The Importance of Building Codes

Buildings require regular upkeep and maintenance in order to be safe for residents. Although this may seem obvious, building maintenance can often be neglected to the last minute, posing threats to residents. Luckily, building codes…


May 17, 2016

How to Avoid Litigation

Within large communities, disputes can transpire relatively quickly, sometimes making the specter of litigation loom a little too close.  Litigation can be costly – creating both financial and social strain within a community; typically making…


April 14, 2016