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Economic Market


Feds Go After Foreign Luxury Condo Buyers

Anonymous buyers and foreign investors for years have been using the Miami-Dade Condo Market as an investment opportunity for offshore money. But now, tow investigations have put those shadow buyers under the microscope.


March 29, 2017

When to Claim?

Individuals, associations and other entities carry insurance coverage to protect them from liability, loss, and other financial and legal threats – that’s pretty basic. What is more unclear, however, is deciding when to file a…


April 26, 2016

Maintaining Roofs

A building’s roof serves as the first line of defense against whatever the skies throw at its inhabitants – wind, rain and blazing sun, even snow and ice in some climates – so, it’s crucial…


April 7, 2016

Insurance Premiums are on the Rise

Fluctuating home insurance rates are one of the perils of living in South Florida. Citizens Property Insurance, the state-run insurance company, approved a plan that could reduce base rates for about 70 percent of policyholders, especially…


December 24, 2015