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Handling Holiday Decorations with Your HOA

Shimmering lights, inflatable mascots, and decorative ornaments in and outside of your homes – it’s one of the most exciting times of the year for homeowners. Decorating the exterior of your home is a fun…


December 12, 2018

U.S. Green Building Codes

Going green is the latest trend today. Whether it’s the special green issue of a popular consumer magazine, an advertisement for a fuel-efficient hybrid car or a push toward environmentally-friendly building materials, the message is…


March 20, 2017

When Alligators Arrive

Living in South Florida can expose you to a fair amount of ‘nuisance animals’ such as relatively harmless raccoons or opossums. Nuisance wildlife is generally defined as wildlife that causes or has the capacity to…


December 16, 2016

Stay Ahead of Wood-Destroying Pests

Whether interior or exterior, well-built, properly-maintained woodwork can last for centuries but if wood-boring pests like beetles, termites, and carpenter ants find their way into the wood, they can wreak all kinds of havoc. According…


November 9, 2016

What is an HOA?

As you search for your next home, you’ll hear the term “HOA” mentioned when talking about a specific housing community or development. Although it may seem like a trivial detail, an HOA can have a…


September 12, 2016

Preparing for Storms, and Cleaning up after them

Florida is a well-known vacation destination, especially for snowbirds that flee the seasonal cooling of the north. But there is a side of the Florida weather that is not so popular, in particular – storms,…


February 12, 2016

Elevator Maintenance 101

Building amenities are often taken for granted, especially the elevator. But elevators serve more than just avoiding a workout or creating awkward silences with neighbors; they accommodate residents unable to climb stairs and are critical…


November 19, 2015