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The Flight of the Snowbirds

Every year the state of Florida experiences an ebb and flow of full-time and part-time residents; as the seasons change, so does the population. Part-time residents from the northern United States and Canada live and…


March 30, 2017

Neighborhood Watch

  Everyone is right to be concerned with the safety of their communities, whether they live in an area highly susceptible to crime or in a sleepy retirement community. Condos, Co-ops, and HOAs are no…


January 3, 2017

Clear Communication

The importance of transparent communication cannot be underscored in condo communities. Lack of clear, forthright communication between boards, managers and unit owners is one of the top perennial complaints association members have about living in…


June 2, 2016

How to Avoid Litigation

Within large communities, disputes can transpire relatively quickly, sometimes making the specter of litigation loom a little too close.  Litigation can be costly – creating both financial and social strain within a community; typically making…


April 14, 2016

Clean Windows For Clarity

Washing you windows is not just for visibility, it provides a fresh image that is just important for property values. Even if you have the greatest views in the entire complex, if your windows are…


March 31, 2016


Hardscaping, the use in landscape design of non-living elements, such as pavers, rocks, and trellises—is a major aspect of contemporary design and finish.


March 23, 2016