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We are Changing the Way You Pay Your Vendors…

Just as your assessments are sent directly to your bank for processing, vendor invoices for your association are sent to our payables department for processing. Here, images are electronically imaged and put online to be viewed and approved. Instead of moving paper invoices around to the various people involved in the approval process, this process is now facilitated through an online electronic approval process. We view the invoices online for each association, ensure that the coding of the invoice is correct, and once we approve the invoice, the invoice is sent to your queue for approval via your community website that we provide. Any morning you have invoices waiting in your queue, you will receive an email notifying you that there are invoices you need to approve. You simply logon to your community website, click on Payables and view the invoices in your queue, and approve them for payment. Just like online bill-pay, your approval for a payment initiates a check payment being sent out to the vendor from your bank.

ASG uses MyVendorCenter, to provide improved services and protection to our properties and clients!


MyVendorCenter, allows us to set specific compliance standards (terms and conditions, licensing, insurance) for Vendors and will automatically determine if a Vendor is compliant or non-compliant. Vendors also have instant access to these compliance requirements through their own accounts, so there’s no uncertainty with their day-to-day compliance status. This makes it easier and quicker for Vendors to detect and remedy any insufficiencies to become and remain compliant. Our staff also receives ongoing notifications regarding our vendors’ current compliance status for each industry they serve. This ensures that Vendors’ credentials are constantly being monitored, even if already providing services to our clients’ properties. If we need to make any changes to our compliance standards (Terms and conditions, licensing, insurance), we can do so with just a few clicks. These changes will initiate the system to immediately update a Vendor’s compliance status in comparison to our new standards. All this helps to ensure that only qualified, compliant Vendors provide products and services to our clients.


Some community by-laws and states require that certain Condo or HOA jobs go through a competitive bidding process, something MyVendorCenter makes simple. The project “Request” feature enhances our company’s ability to provide our Vendors with an improved scope of work, personalized invites, real-time bidding statuses, project invitations and modifications. Vendors who are invited to projects have 24/7 access to specifications & proposal forms to easily submit a competitive bid. Once bidding is closed, a comprehensive proposal report is generated, which includes itemized pricing, vendor ratings, contact information, compliance documents (licensing and insurance), and more for an objective comparison.


With MyVendorCenter’s optional sealed bidding process, proposals are only available after the request is closed. Once closed, the system will automatically e-mail preset clients (i.e. board members, owners) so everyone has access at the same time, including us. Once a project is awarded to a vendor through our MyVendorCenter account, that vendor is sent an award email, while any other vendors are emailed a polite rejection thanking them for their participation.


We are able to create and maintain a comprehensive, filterable list of Preferred Vendors through our MyVendorCenter account. This list includes contact information, Vendor ratings, compliance statuses, and more. Adding, removing, communicating with, requesting proposals from, recommending, and even blocking Vendors through this list is all just a button-click away. If you have any Vendors that you’d like us to add to our list, please let us know or send them the following link to register: