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Why Us

Why ASG?

Our professional business, governance, hospitality, community and project management services parallelled with our cutting edge technology and Internet services that put our management office and payment/accounting options online for our associations represents the best association management solution for our clients. ASG’s specialty is the ability to assist with the many challenges experienced by Homeowner and Condominium Associations, including managing your properties, rentals, and overall cash flow at absolutely no cost to the Association/property. ASG is a people-first industry leader with an innovative team of dedicated and experienced community association management professionals committed to promoting and protecting the maximum value of client properties, their budgetary returns, and their residents’ quality of life.

Ahead of the curve in technology

  • Offering online payment and digital Accounts Receivable options since 2005
  • Offering the Digital Accounts Payable Lockbox since 2012
  • Offering mobile Management Software, Violations and ARB since 2012
  • Our Desktop Platform is web-based with redundancies built in to secure your data

Ahead of the curve in services & Personal Attention

  • Receive the personal attention of our Executive Team and Partners when you need it
  • Our Company Philosophy of Servant Leadership and People First ensures engaged residents
  • What the Partners promise, we have to deliver
  • Our vision doesn’t require too much translation- it finds its way to our staff and Boards

Ahead of the curve in training

  • ASG hires World Class Trainers at great expense to build the team and ensure quality standards are infused; and, that Executive Team Members, Managers and Staff are all part of the same team and working symbiotically together, with the Executives serving the Managers and the Managers serving the staff – SERVANT Leadership.
  • ASG has Quarterly “Breakfast & Learns” with guest speakers who are experts in their field, offering training and insights
  • ASG Managers Monthly Meetings where issues specific to the Managers are discussed, Managers Reports are reviewed, and more training is conducted.

Ahead of the curve in Accounting & Fiscal Innovation

  • ASG’S Accounting team is led by CFO Bum “Boom” Park, a thirty plus year LATAM CPA veteran, and formerly CFO for TWC The Wise Computer;  Treasurer & Budget Manager – PepsiCo, LATAM.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art Association Accounting software, transactions are in real-time, and accounts are reconciled daily – automatically by the Accounting Integrated partner banks
  • Board Members have their portal to view reports in real-time, and if there is one specifically they would like – we will ensure it is added to the portal
  • Board Members can also view Accounts Receivable by unit or as a report
  • Residents can view their individual accounts online and track their transactions in real-time

Ahead of the curve in Ahead of the curve in Alternative Energy

  • ASG with our division Renewable Energy Group LLC will perform an Energy Audits and provide solar options for residential and association use. An investment-grade energy audit and walk-through will result in a detailed analysis of the current electrical consumption and a proposal of energy efficient technologies that will save facilities upwards of 15% on their electrical consumption and reduce the facility’s operational and maintenance costs upon implementation. All proposed upgrades must conform to better business practices that will address only the most cost-effective saving measures. Furthermore, independent power generation analysis must be considered to further increase savings while ensuring increased power reliability and an additional revenue stream for the facility.

Our Team