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Why Us

Why ASG?

ASG is one of 250 Companies Worldwide with the distinction of being an Accredited Association Management Company – AAMC ®.  This means that over 50% of our managers have credentials beyond the CAM; and, ASG CEO – Jonathan Louis is one of 74 Management Professionals in the United States to hold the Large Scale Manager (“LSM”) Credential and with his partner ASG COO – Erik Levin two of only 2600 in the world with the Professional Community Association Manager (“PCAM”) designation – leading and providing the way for ASG Managers to receive more credentials through education and training.

Ahead of the curve in technology

  • We began offering online payment and digital Accounts Receivable options in 2005
  • We began the digital Accounts Payable Lockbox in 2012
  • We have been offering mobile and online Solutions for Violations, and ARC since 2011
  • Our Desktop Platform is on the Cloud, web-based, with redundancies built-in – so we are always live in the event of a catastrophe as long as there is internet access
  • Our fully interactive websites are updated in real time with owner information at all levels
  • We provide a Board Portal for our Presidents & Treasurers to view reports that allow them to have a finger on the pulse of the Association
  • We work with Accounting Integrated banks to reduce fraud, and provide real-time transactions

Ahead of the curve in services & Personal Attention

  • As the South Florida division of RealManage LLC,
    • You will receive the personal attention of our Executive Team and Regionals when you need it
  • What the Executives promise, the Team delivers
  • Our philosophy of Servant Leadership and People First is clear, simple, and requires minimal translation to our staff

Ahead of the curve in training

  • Every department head works with their team to provide the necessary training, and to bring their top three (3) issues facing them to the Executive Team that meets in a Tactical meeting
  • At the Bi-Weekly Executive Tactical meeting, all department heads discuss their top 3 priorities, and the Team gathers the most important of the 3 to be brought to the Staff Strategic meeting for brainstorming a solution
  • Training by our Regional Managers and Executive Members takes place monthly over lunch and refreshments
  • This ensures that quality standards are infused throughout; and that Executive Team Members, Managers, and Staff are all part of the same team and working symbiotically together – SERVANT Leadership

Ahead of the curve in Accounting & Fiscal Innovation

  • We manage your Association at the direction of the Board and with the Budget in mind
  • Coming from a hospitality background, ASG Managers will not ask you to spend funds that have not been justified, allocated, or where an ROI has been determined and approved by the Board

Ahead of the curve in Payroll

  • Lower Workers Comp than manual rates
  • Employers Practices Liability Insurance to protect our Clients and ASG
  • Full Human Resources & Benefits servicing
    • Multiple medical choices, dental, vision, etc.
    • Tracking Time off Bank (vacation, sick and Holiday)
    • Lower risk of Health Care Reform related compliance issues and penalties
    • Time and Attendance (Digital Bio-Metric automated and synched time-clocks)
    • HR Related Issues (new hires, terminations, leave of absences, Workers Comp Claims)
    • Maintenance of Employee Personnel Files for Audits, etc.
    • Accurately track full-time vs. part-time status
    • Each enrolled Employee receives a Basic Life Insurance policy and Company contribution towards a Long-Term Disability Insurance policy at no cost to the Employee or Association
    • Expertise in employment-related tax and payment compliance (tax filing)

Our Team